Abby and Piper

These two senior labs sure were not acting their age the day of the session! They were likes pups with no attention span! LOL! Abby is the yellow lab and Piper is the black lab. Abby and Piper’s mom helped wrangle these two until we were all exhausted! Regardless, we had fun and managed to capture these beautiful faces.

Abby and Piper’s mom, Pam, is well known in the community for the dedicated work helping dogs. She volunteers her time doing microchip clinics and will gladly come at a moments notice to scan for a chip when a stray dog is found. She is involved in Facebook and neighborhood communities to help lost dogs find their homes, or get a new home if they are without. She worked tirelessly after Hurricane Harvey to help animals reunite with their families or find temporary shelter, care, and food if they were without. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to provide with this photo session of her own fur babies as a small thank you on behalf of all the animals she helps.

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