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Why Choose Green Paws Photography?

Exclusivity - Experience - Education - Expertise - Empathy

Exclusivity: At Green Paws Photography we exclusively photograph dogs, and that's it! My goal is to capture the individual personality and beauty of each animal and creating fine art portraits of your beloved dog. If you are like me, your dogs are part of the family; they hang out on the couch, sleep in the bed, go on vacation, enjoy special treats, and are loved beyond measure. You treasure every minute of the unconditional love they provide and will cherish those memories for a lifetime.


Experience: I have been working with and photographing dogs for over 11 years. I have worked with a variety of different breeds and personalities, as well as special needs dogs, such as blind, deaf, paralyzed, etc., and have extensive experience and knowledge of dog behavior, body language, and safety.


Education: I am currently the only Master Photographer in the Austin area that specializes in animal photography. I also have my Certified Professional Photographer designation, and I am one of the first 12 animal photographers in the US to have earned the Accredited Professional of Animal Imagery. In addition, I also have an academic background in animal behavior with a BA and MA in Anthropology, with a specialization in Primatology (Primate Behavior). My experience and keen interest in animal behavior, particularly dogs, has given me a considerable understanding and insight into their behavior, which allows me to work with dogs of all personalities and temperaments.


Expertise: Through education and print competitions, I am continually learning and improving my craft. I use professional cameras, lenses, lighting, and other equipment, so I can provide the highest quality images to my clients. Choosing a professional photographer that specializes in animals will help you get the best results. Your photographer should have experience working specifically with animals in order to create a safe and positive experience. An knowledgeable and experienced dog photographer will be able to engage with your dog and create stunning portraits that capture their beauty and personality.

Empathy: Animals are my passion, my life, and my world. I love to create beautiful artwork that celebrates the story of each dog and the unique place they hold in our hearts. I also understand the importance of capturing those special moments, so we can cherish those memories for years. Dogs are amazing animals and unique in their ability to connect with humans. I think dogs are pretty much the most perfect creature on the planet!


I value the lives of all animals, which is why I am an ethical vegan and an advocate for animal rights. I believe it is possible to create an ethical, compassionate, and sustainable world for everyone; humans and the animals with whom we share this planet. I also believe that beautiful artwork does not have to come at the expense of the environment and other living creatures. My goal is to preserve your precious memories, while still preserving the environment. To read more about our specially selected products, our cruelty-free and Eco-friendly approach to dog photography, and the Green Paws mission, check out "About Green Paws Photography."




PPA International Print Competition

Grand Imaging Awards Top Ten Finalist

Diamond Medalist of the year

Elite Photographer of the Year


TPPA State Print Competition

Gold Medalist

2 x Texcellence Recipient


AIM Animal Image Makers Print Competition

3rd Place - Baby Animals

2 x Top 10 Finalist - Dog category

Top 10 Finalist - Baby Animals category




PPA International Print Competition

Silver Medalist of the year

PPA SW Districts Print Competition

4 x Grand Imaging Award Finalist


TPPA State Print Competition

Best Portrait of an Animal

Diamond Medalist

Gold Medalist

6 x Texcellence Recipient


AIM Animal Image Makers Print Competition

3x Top 10 Finalist - Dog category


PPGH Affiliate Annual Awards

Master Photographer of the Year

Highest Scoring Image by a CPP

Best Overall Portrait

Best Portrait of an Animal



PPA International Print Competition

Gold Medalist


PPA SW Districts Print Competition

2nd Place Animal Portrait


TPPA State Print Competition

Gold Medalist


APPA Annual Print Competition

1st Place Portrait Category

2nd Place Portrait Category

Best Print Case Award

Judge’s Choice Award




PPA International Print Competition

Bronze Medalist of the year


TPPA State Print Competition

Diamond Medalist

Distinguished Image Award

Top Ten of Texas Award


AIM Animal Image Makers Print Competition

3x Top 10 Finalist - Dog category



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Meet The Crew

Colonel Jax O'Neill

In August 2016 we welcomed Jax to our home; full name Colonel Jax O'Neill (if you are a Stargate fan, you will understand). Jax is a Chihuahua/toy fox terrier, and possibly Russian Terrier mix and he has quite the personality! Jax is affectionate, energetic, alert, and playful. I flew out to Sacramento, California and drove up to Redding to get him from a rescue there. Jax become fast friends with Loki, who was missing his buddy Kiko. Jax has become a bit of a mascot for the business, as he loves being in front of the camera! Follow Jax on Instagram @coloneljaxOneill


Also in 2016 we adopted another little rescue dog named Cooper. Cooper is a uniquely colored Pomeranian. His coloration is what first caught my attention and that curiosity landed him in our home within the week! Cooper is a fluffy bundle of lazy! He loves food and napping, but on occasion he becomes a tiny bulldozer when he decides to play. If I am in the kitchen, you can be sure to find him right below me smiling. I even got him a chef's outfit so he fits the part!

In Memory of


2005 - 2021

Loki was two weeks shy of his 16th birthday when we had to say goodbye. He was a gorgeous Belgian Tervuren and my protective shadow; always by my side looking out for me. Every part of my day involved him and his beautiful smile and my life is empty without him.


Ever since the first time I saw this breed, I knew I had to have one in my life. Belgian Tervurens are intelligent, attentive, loyal, and protective. Bonding with a Tervuren is something that is beyond family. I had Loki from when he was 9 weeks. He grew up with his best bud, Kiko, who was only a year and a half when I brought Loki home.


Loki and Kiko inspired me to become a dog photographer and were the heart and soul of everything I did. Not a day goes by that I don't miss them terribly. They each took a big piece of me with them, when they left. 💔


2004 - 2015

Kiko was a Papillon/Pomeranian mix and my little side kick and muse. He was always ready for the camera and sparked my passion for dog photography. I lost my little Kiko to cancer, which devastated me beyond words.


I saw Kiko in a pet store when he was only 8 weeks old. I was there for fish food, but could not resist the allure of this precious little guy. As opposed to pet store's selling dogs as I am, I still could not leave without him. Probably a good thing, since he was plagued with health issues through his life, of which many would not have borne the expense.

I miss that smart and cheeky boy every day; his wiggly butt, the smell of his fur, his crazy snuffling, his many tricks, but mostly just holding him until my arms ached. 💔