Meet the Photographer

Why Choose Green Paws Photography?

At Green Paws we specialize in dog Photography and that's it! The focus is on capturing the individual personality of each animal and turning your dog into a work of art. If you are like me, your dogs are part of the family; they hang out on the couch, sleep in the bed, go on vacation, enjoy special treats, and are loved beyond measure. You treasure every minute of the unconditional love they provide and will cherish those memories for a lifetime.


I have an academic background in animal behavior with a BA and MA in Anthropology, with a specialization in Primatology (Primate Behavior). My experience and keen interest in animal behavior, particularly dogs, has given me a considerable understanding and insight into their behavior and body language, which allows me to work with dogs of all personalities and temperaments. Choosing a professional photographer that specializes in animals will help you get the best results. Your photographer should have experience working specifically with animals to bring out their unique personality and beauty. An experienced dog photographer will be able to engage with your dog and capture them in a way that creates art.

Animals are my passion, my life – I love to create beautiful artwork that celebrates the story of each dog and the unique place they hold in our hearts. Dogs are amazing animals that have unconditional love for their humans. I think dogs are pretty much the most perfect creature on the planet!


I also believe that beautiful artwork does not have to come at the expense of the environment and other living creatures. My goal is to preserve your precious memories, while still preserving the environment. To read more about our cruelty-free and Eco-friendly approach to dog photography and the Green Paws mission, check out "About Green Paws Photography."


Read more about me and my crew below!

About The Photographer

My name is Ann O’Neill Deal and I am an award-winning photography and owner of Green Paws Photography. I have been a professional dog photographer for 10 years. I have earned my Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation and Master Photographer degree through The Professional Photographers of America (PPA).


I grew up in Canada, though I was born in the UK and as you can tell from my name, I am of Irish ancestry. After many years working in academia and research, I moved to California in 2009, where I married my awesome husband, Ron. I became more and more interested in photography as a career, rather than a hobby and established Candid FX Photography in 2010. In 2015 we moved to Houston, Texas, where my focus shifted to studio dog portraiture. In January 2019 we relocated to the Austin area, where my business underwent a rebrand and got a new name!


Austin is one of the most dog-friendly, Eco-friendly, and vegan-friendly cities in the US, so I decided to create a brand of photography that reflects these values and with it a new business name. Green Paws Photography was created to provide Eco-friendly and ethically-minded photography services to dog parents in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area.


My wonderful husband Ron and I share our home with our three dogs, Loki (15-year-old Belgian Tervuren), Jax (6-year-old Long-hair Chihuahua mix), Cooper (6-year-old Pomeranian) and Keetah (20-year-old Maine Coon cat). Our lives pretty much revolve around them!


I value the lives of all animals, which is why I am an ethical vegan and an advocate for animal rights. I believe it is possible to create an ethical, compassionate, and sustainable world for everyone; humans and the animals we share this planet with.

Meet The Crew


That magnificent animal you see here is my handsome Loki. Loki is a 15 year old Belgian Tervuren and my protective shadow; always by my side looking out for me. Though he has slowed down a lot since his exuberant youth, he still shines that beautiful smile at me daily. Ever since the first time I saw this breed, I knew I wanted a Belgian Tervuren. It took me a while, but then I found my beautiful boy in 2005. He was only 9 weeks old at the time and grew up with my beloved Kiko. Loki and Kiko were my muses and inspiration for becoming a dog photographer. They are my heart.


Colonel Jax O'Neill

This adorable ginger boy is Jax. In August 2016 we welcomed Jax to our home; full name Colonel Jax O'Neill (if you are a Stargate fan, you will understand). Jax is a Chihuahua/toy fox terrier mix and he has quite the personality! Jax is affectionate, energetic, alert, and playful. I flew out to Sacramento, California and drove up to Redding to get him from a rescue there. He flew back to Houston with me and has made himself right at home. I was so relieved that Jax become fast friends with Loki, who was missing his buddy Kiko. Jax has become a bit of a mascot for the business, as he loves being in front of the camera!

Follow Jax on Instagram @coloneljaxOneill


Also in 2016 we adopted another little rescue dog named Cooper. Cooper is a uniquely colored Pomeranian. His coloration is what first caught my attention and that curiosity landed him in our home within the week! Cooper is a fluffy bundle of lazy! He loves food and napping! If I am in the kitchen, you can be sure to find him right below me smiling. I got him a chef's outfit so he fits the part!

©2018 Green Paws Photography. All Rights Reserved. Any use of images without photographer’s permission is a violation of copyright law. Please do not copy, share, or otherwise use images without permission.
©2018 Green Paws Photography. All Rights Reserved. Any use of images without photographer’s permission is a violation of copyright law. Please do not copy, share, or otherwise use images without permission.

In memory of my beloved Kiko


Kiko was a Papillon/Pomeranian cross and my muse. Always at the ready for the camera, he ignited my passion for dog photography.


In 2015 I lost my precious little Kiko to cancer. The Loss of My Beloved Kiko has been the most devastating and painful loss of my life. Having photographs of my little boy has been my life raft; helping me cherish all those precious memories and keep him close to my heart every day.


There will be a day when you won’t be woken by their wet kisses or greeted at the door by their wagging tails and excited paws. Time passes quickly and those precious moments are what make our lives worth living.


There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss my baby bear. I miss that wiggly butt, the smell of his fur and those soft ears, always ready for photos, crazy snuffling of pillows, blankets, or towels, his many tricks he would pull out if treats were involved, holding him in my arms until they ached...and so many more things.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me and my fur family :-)