Dog Model Application

Do you think your dog would make a great model? I periodically recruit awesome dog models for personal photography projects. Sometimes the criteria are specific, depending on the project, and other times it is more open to all types of dogs. If you would like to include your dog in the dog model database, just fill out the form below.


Please note, modeling opportunities are not for commercial projects, unless indicated. There is no monetary compensation. This is not a modeling agency; it is an opportunity to include your dog in some fun photo session projects and in return for your participation, you will receive a matted 8x10 (or 8x12) fine art print from the session.




Must be:

  • Located in the Austin Metro area and willing and able to travel to the studio in Leander, TX
  • Willing to sign a model/property release for your dog
  • Willing to fill out a brief questionnaire about your dog




Dog must:

  • Have basic commands mastered - minimum of sit/down/stay - more advanced tricks and behaviors are a plus
    • Training must NOT include the use of a shock or E-collars or any other negative training method (vibration collars used only to get dog's attention are acceptable)
  • Have a solid STAY in sit and lay positions (Prolonged stay not required. Stay only needs to be maintained for a few seconds at a time)
  • Be confident and able to take direction from other handlers when required
  • Be calm and very confident in unfamiliar environments; in particular a studio setting with lights
  • Be fit, healthy, and active (age not relevant)

Fill out all the fields below for one dog at a time

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