Introducing Colonel Jax O’Neill

Introducing Colonel Jax O’Neill

This post is long overdue! In August 2016 we adopted this precious creature, Jax. This was not a simple process of going to a shelter or rescue and picking out a dog, getting Jax was an interesting adventure. In the month before, I began browsing I wasn’t really sure if I was ready to have another small dog around. After losing my beloved Kiko the year before, the idea of bringing another dog into our lives seemed a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I found myself browsing pictures almost daily; looking for something to fill the terrible void.


This is the photo I saw of Jax. I was immediately drawn to that bright-eyed smiling face and big ears!

Then on August 15, 2016 I came across the picture of Jax. A bit scraggly looking, but I knew right then; that was the dog. Of course, what I didn’t know right that second was where he was located! It turned out that I was no longer searching in my own zip code radius, I had wandered past that into country-wide search. Little Jax was located at the ResQ Animal Coalition in Redding California! It was too late though, I had already decided the second I saw that face. After discussing with my husband, we agreed that he was coming to Texas!


I filled out the adoption application and waited. I didn’t have to wait long though, the next day the process began and by the end of the week I was booking my flight, hotel, and car rental. On August 26, 2016 I flew to Sacramento and on the 27th I was making the trip to Redding. The moment I met him, I think he knew that he was coming home with me. We drove back to Sacramento and hung out in the hotel, where Jax bounced off furniture, discovered a bed, and generally overflowed with excitement all night! With no sleep, we headed to the airport the next morning and made the journey back to Houston. Jax was amazing; he never complained and quietly laid in his carrier for each flight.

Jax’s first night in the hotel before flying back to Houston.


Jax had been on the street as a pup and was taken in by the rescue back in April 2015. How he was not adopted all that time is a mystery to me! After getting him home, the introduction to my 75 pound Belgian, Loki began. To our surprise, Loki immediately liked Jax and they became friends and playmates right away!

Since he had been called Jax for a year and a half, we decided to keep the name…but, I added a little pizzazz to it. One of my all-time favorite television shows is Stargate and my favorite character and namesake was always Colonel Jack O’Neill…so you see how Jax became a Colonel 😉

Jax is an incredible dog and I am so glad we took a chance on him and made that long trip to get him. He is super smart, cuddly, affectionate, playful, and just plain amazing!

You may be wondering what kind of dog Jax is; well I have wondered that myself. He was listed as a Papillon mix and you can see by the ears, Papillon seems most likely. However, secondary characteristics have kept me wondering. Was he part Pomeranian? Part Fox Terrier, Part Chihuahua? Or other mixed breed combination? Well recently my husband gave me a dog DNA test, so that I could finally quench that curiosity. The test has been sent off to the lab and we should find out in a couple weeks. Check out the big reveal in an upcoming blog!

We also adopted another small dog a couple months ago, check out his introduction HERE!

Enjoy a few photos of the awesome Colonel Jax O’Neill!



Jax with his big brother, Loki, and new little brother, Cooper.