Introducing Cooper

Introducing Cooper

Cooper came to join our family just eight weeks ago from the local Pom rescue, Second Chance Poms. We weren’t really thinking too much about getting another dog; we had just adopted Jax a couple months before (check out Introducing Colonel Jax O’Neill), but Jax is very energetic and my older Belgian Tervuren, Loki, tires pretty quickly playing with him, so we thought another younger dog would give Jax someone else to wear out!

I was not actively looking for a dog at the time however, and was just emailing with one of the volunteers about the possibility of helping out the rescue, so I went to look at what photos they had of their adoptable dogs. The first dog I saw was Cooper (then named Tanner). His coloring reminded me of a Keeshond named Ringo I had as a child. I inquired about him to the volunteer and in a matter of a few days, we were embroiled in the adoption process. Apparently he had just been picked up in San Angelo after being temporarily fostered there for the month prior, as they tried to track down any owner. He was found wandering in a warehouse district with no collar, tag, or chip. The Second Chance Pom rescue then picked him up to foster him in the Houston area. We don’t know Cooper’s story and only know that he is about 2 years old, was not neutered, and not house trained.

After picking Cooper up, it was a tense few days. Cooper did not appear to have experience with large dogs, so he was hostile toward Loki, who is a 75 pound Belgian. This made it difficult to even put him down in the house. We also quickly realized that this little Pomeranian was a lot more fragile than your average Pom. Both back legs had fully luxating patellas, which is not uncommon in these breeds. The first week was tough on the little guy, as he seemed depressed, didn’t get along with Loki, and found Jax to be too energetic. He would often just hide in the crate to avoid all the activity. I began to think that he had come from a quiet home and missed it, but without any way to find that home, we had to help him adjust.

Fast forward 8 weeks and Cooper is a different dog. He is constantly smiling and bouncing around (when not napping), loves to be held, loves playing with Jax, loves going for walks, and most of all, loves food! Since he kind of looks like a racoon, loves to eat, and nap, we sometimes call him ‘trash panda’ ?  I also call him Pom Pom, since he is such a fluff ball! House training is still a work in progress and he still doesn’t totally get along with Loki, but they tolerate each other; or I should say, Loki refrains from biting his head off when Cooper nips at his legs and barks at him!

Enjoy a few photos of the always adorable Cooper!


Posing with his new brothers, Loki and Jax!