Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you photograph animals other than dogs?

A. We specialize in dogs, so we only photograph dogs. 🐾


Q. Do you photograph people?

A. Our sessions are generally focused on capturing special portraits of your dog to display as artwork. We do offer sessions for people with their dogs, but due to the small studio size, we can only accommodate one or two people (adults only) and two small to medium dogs. Sessions for people and dogs require an additional fee and a pre-session consultation, so we can plan your session and discuss color and clothing.


Q. Can I bring my child to the session?

A. For insurance and safety reasons, minors (under18) are not permitted in the studio.


Q. Do you offer outdoor photo sessions?

A. Green Paws is exclusively a portrait studio. We do not offer outdoor sessions at this time.


Q. Can I bring my own treats?

A. Sorry, we do not allow outside food or treats in the studio. When working with dogs in a studio environment it is important to provide novel high-value treats, while also avoiding treats that are crumbly, smelly, messy, or do not meet our studio’s cruelty-free standards. We offer high-quality soft and tasty treats that we are sure your dog will enjoy. Please inform us of any allergies, food intolerances, restrictions, dislikes, or health concerns.


Q. How much should I expect to invest in artwork?

A. Your investment is completely up to you! All prints and products are purchased separately and there is no minimum purchase. You choose only the products you love. With that said, clients generally choose to invest in the range of $1,500 to $3,000+ on their artwork, to get the most out of the session. Let us know your budget and we will help you choose the best products to suit your needs. Check the Products page for starting prices.


Q. Can I purchase the digital files from the session?

A. Green Paws is a full-service studio, specializing in creating custom artwork. We believe portraits of your dog belong on your wall and not on your computer or phone. Our goal is to craft beautiful and timeless artwork for you to proudly display in your home and cherish for years to come. A digital file is not a finished product, it is the source material used to create the finished artwork. Of course, we do understand that you may want to share your images online or have them on your phone or computer to view, so we include a matching low-res file with every product. In addition, printable, medium resolution digital files are included in our Fine Art Print Boxes, as well as our Signature Collections, suitable for creating gift prints, cards, or other small keepsakes. We always recommend printing artwork through us, so that we can ensure your artwork is of the best quality possible, which can only be achieved through professional photo labs. To produce the best results, images are professionally retouched and color calibrated to our labs. It is also important to us that our work is represented on high quality and animal and Eco-friendly materials.


Q. How long after the session can I see the images?

A. Ordering appointments take place via Zoom, one to two weeks following the session. Your ordering appointment is scheduled with our portrait design specialist, who will help you narrow down choices, and pick the right products for your needs and budget.


Q. How long do you keep the images?

A. Following your ordering appointment, all images from your session are backed up and archived in case you need a reprint or decide to purchase additional products at a later date.


Q. Does my dog need to be trained?

A. To get the best results, it is important for your dog to have some basic commands, such as sit, stay, and down. They do not need advanced training and they don’t need to hold a sit for more than a few seconds at a time. Though it is highly encouraged to work with your dog on these commands prior to doing a session, we can still accommodate dogs with little or no training. However, the quality and quantity of final images may be impacted by lack of training/cooperation. Always be sure to use positive reinforcement training when preparing your dog for their session. Negative training methods may impede your dog's ability to relax and express their relaxed and natural character. Check HERE for tips on preparing for your session.


Q. What if my dog is very anxious or nervous?

A. Studio portrait sessions are not suited to all dogs. Dogs that are generally very nervous, startle easily, are clingy, coddled, or wary of new things/people, may not do well in a studio session. Dogs that are very sound sensitive may also find the experience overwhelming. The studio lighting makes a small popping sound that some dogs may be sensitive or react to. Dogs may also become nervous of the camera itself or the studio space. Please request a no-obligation consultation, if you would like to discuss whether a studio session is right for your dog. We also offer in-person studio consultations that allow your dog to visit and get to know me and the studio ahead of time.


Q. Can I bring props or clothing for my dog?

A. We do not encourage dressing up dogs or having them pose with props. If you have a special item or outfit, we can incorporate those in a few photos. Dogs must be comfortable and familiar wearing any clothing or accessories prior to the session. The focus of the session will be on capturing the natural beauty of your dog. Please note: we do not post sneak peeks or provide social media files of images of dogs with clothing and/or costumes.


Q. What is your experience?

A. I have been photographing dogs professionally since 2010. I have a background in animal behavior and hold a Master's degree in Physical Anthropology (specialization in Primatology). Over the past 20 years my focus has been on canine behavior and psychology. I have also earned my Master of Photography degree though PPA (professional Photographers of America) and Master of Animal Imagery through AIM (Animal Image Makers). See my About page for more about my credentials and experience.


Q. What are your COVID safety precautions?

A. The studio is equipped with a high quality air purifier. Masks are not required, but one can be provided upon request if you choose. In some cases I will wear a mask in the studio as well. All clients are required to confirm their session at least 24 hours prior by responding to a few simple COVID screening questions. Clients must reschedule their session if they are exhibiting any symptoms, whether COVID-related or not.


Q. Do you guarantee your products?

A. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. If you are not completely happy with your artwork, we will replace it at no cost to you. All our prints, canvas, and metal artwork are made with the highest quality materials and archival inks. Wall art includes a UV finish to guard against time, yellowing, fading, moisture and abrasion.


Q. What if my prints get lost or damaged?

A. Images from your session are backed up and archived, so we can replace any of your artwork, if needed.

If you don't see the answer to your question, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help.