This is where Green Paws Photography stands apart from other Austin photographers. Green Paws is the only Austin dog photographer to offer an environmentally and animal friendly product line! The majority of our products are produced using Eco friendly materials and vegan papers and inks. Partnering with labs that share our commitment to the environment, so we can offer clients our exclusive line of “Green” products.


If you are like me, you care about the environment and other animals and want to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying beautiful art. I have carefully selected Eco- and animal-friendly products from top professional photo labs just for you! Creating variety and quality products that you will be proud to display.


Straight forward A la Carte pricing and simple flexible packages. No pressure, no up-selling, and no complicated pricing; you choose only the products you want. Most clients invest in the range of $500 to $2,500+ for additional artwork, but how much you choose to invest is entirely up to you.


Check out What is "Green" Photography to read all about our commitment to our clients and the environment by creating an ethical, compassionate, and sustainable product line.

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Choosing Wall Art Sizes

If you are considering wall art, it is a good idea to measure the area you are thinking about displaying your art, to get a good idea of what size will work best. Below are some examples of how different sizes may appear on an average wall. What is in the image also plays a role. Head shots vs whole body shots, small dog vs large dog, one dog vs multiple dogs, etc. We will discuss best options during your preview and ordering appointment. We also encourage you to send a photo of the wall you are considering (please ask for instructions on how to best do this).