Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, Green Paws Photography is offering drop-off portrait sessions only at this time.


See below for details.


How Drop-Off Sessions Work

  • A properly fitted cotton or surgical mask is required during drop-off and pick-up (no face shields, Gaiter neck fleeces, or masks with valves/vents). See CDC guidelines for more
  • Before and after each session, the studio will be meticulously cleaned, including props, surfaces, etc., as well as regular hand washing before and after sessions. We will be doing limited sessions per week with sessions spaced out to allow plenty of time between for cleaning.
  • You will arrive outside our residential studio at your scheduled session time.
    • Your dog should be wearing a clean leash and collar only. If your dog usually wears a halter, we ask that you remove it prior to drop off and only use a basic collar and leash or a simple slip leash. No retractable leashes (for safety). If you don't have a plain leash, let us know and a slip leash can be brought out for the transfer.
    • We are not able to include clothing, accessories, toys, or props for drop-off
  • When you arrive, just wait outside by your car and I will come out to meet you while wearing a mask myself.
  • I will collect your dog from you and bring him/her into my studio. Your
    dog will be taken directly into the studio and will not have contact with other dogs.
  • You are free to wait outside, in your car, go for a walk, or pop right across the freeway to grab a coffee or a quick bite.
  • After getting your dog comfortable in the studio and letting them get to know me, I will spoil them with homemade treats, while capturing some beautiful portraits.
  • Sessions will be kept short, to avoid long waits for you and reduce any stress
    on your dog; approximately 30 minutes for most sessions.
  • Your dog will then be brought back out to you when the session is complete. I will text you ~5 minutes before bringing them out, so you can be ready.
  • A sneak peek will be posted on Facebook for you to enjoy a few days later.
  • One to two weeks after your session, we will set up a virtual viewing appointment where you will be able to see your final images and choose your favorites. All orders are placed at that time.


NOTE: Dogs must be comfortable with strangers and have no aggression issues. Contact us for multiple dog options.

Our Residential Studio Space